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Higher brain self mastery secrets to avoid the grip of past patterns. Develop the neuropsychological power centre that designs more freedom and power in your life and retrain your brain beyond self sabotage. Then Create and Own Power

Entrepreneurial Business Development, Strategy and Management :
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Relationships and Spiritual Partnership :
Arielle Ford is a nationally recognized publicist and marketing expert, producer, author and consultant. She has catapulted many authors including Deepak Chopra to stardom and enormously facilitated the rapid growth of the self-help and human potential movements in the U.S.. She has a commitment in life: to make sure everyone who desires to spend their life with a soul mate knows that it’s not only possible, it’s highly likely if you commit a little time, energy, intention and attention to your love life. She knows how you CAN make it happen and explains it all in her book, The Soulmate Secret: How To Manifest The Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction, helping thousands of men and women around the world manifest true love. In her online course, Art of Love she teachings how to attract and keep true love.
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Aha Coaching Offer : Supportive sessions prepare you to face the insights and integrate them into a new and different way of perceiving yourself and your love life. To succeed in building partnerships that really serve your highest growth potential, we transform the self limiting beliefs about yourself, relationships and men or women into a ‘new way of being’ to support loving relationships and properly sustain loving partnership. Visit :

Relationship and Spiritual Partnership – Calling in the One :

Katherine Woodward Thomas says “I will teach you how to find true love regardless of your circumstances or what your past experiences have been”. This nationally acclaimed 7 week Interactive Online Course, taught by bestselling author and licensed psychotherapist Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT, will show you how to overcome your internal barriers to love and “call in” the relationship of your dreams. Also the national bestselling author of Calling in “The One.” Book, Katherine is a licensed psychotherapist and the co-creator and co-leader of the Feminine Power transformative courses for women.

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Aha Coaching Offer : In 8 sessions you will find freedom from the myths and lies and distorted truths you have believed about relationships. You will learn about alpha females and differences between the way men and women create intimacy. What you love about yourself and how to marry yourself will become cornerstones in your path as you continue to magnetise the ‘One’ into your life. Visit :

Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose :

jhoustonJean Houston is an anthropologist and an American author involved in the “human potential movement”.
Her Mystery School is another in a long line of New Age self-help or personality transforming programs. According to Dr. Houston, “the purpose of the Mystery School is to engender the passion for the “possible” in our human and global development while discovering ways of transcending and transforming the local self so that extraordinary life can arise!” Her premise is that we are all unhappy because we have suffered and have not achieved our full potential.

“As we encounter the archetypal world within us, a partnership is formed
whereby we grow as do the gods and goddesses within us.” –Jean Houston

In her online course you can discover the essential tools and techniques to activate your unique destiny and live your highest calling. This 7-week course offers a true icon of the Human Potential movement and a vibrant example of the unlimited capacity of the human heart and mind. Working with Jean truly is a unique and valuable opportunity for anyone who wants to live a life of PURPOSE NOW. Indeed, training with her could very well be exactly what so many of us today desperately need in order to make the momentous leap we’ve intuited that our culture needs to make.

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Aha Coaching Offer : Finding out your true mission and purpose for life can only become effective if you design a structure or strategy to practice and even master your calling. This may take the form of a job or a community service. These sessions will help guide you to design these avenues and perhaps even show you how to turn your purpose into a successful business. Visit :
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Feminine Power :
The global tribe of women gathering for this training course online is amazing! Evolutionary sisters from around the world—Ireland, Greece, Canada, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, New Zealand, Hawaii, Texas, Oregon, New York, Virginia, Washington, Massachusetts—are all feeling the call to realize the potentials inside of them, and live powerful, intentional lives. You too can be part of this movement as you get held, carried and deeply inspired to flow the feminine way into your power, passion in hand. Designed and hosted by an expert psyhotherapist Katherine Woodward Thomas and transformational coach Claire Zammit.

Testimonials :
– Since doing the Feminine Power Mastery Program, I’ve become an entrepreneur—a businesswoman. I took the risk to jump into a bigger world and started my own company, and I´m building a transformational learning center. Now I understand that expression “beyond my wildest dreams,” because 7 years ago I couldn´t imagine the woman I am today! —Carolina, Bogota, Columbia
– I was struggling to merge my authentic self with what I did professionally, who I am with my vocation. Since then I’ve up-leveled my career into UX (user experience) design and facilitation. I also realized that the gap I had been experiencing, was something that other women who want to make a difference were also experiencing. So I started a monthly networking group, which led to my co-creating four conferences for women. When I began, I had no idea how my intention and the unleashing of my skills, potentials, and capacities would translate. In other words, I never imagined that I would produce and lead women’s conferences! —Tatjana, Los Angeles

Soul Searching and Life Learning :

Neal Donald Walsh is an acclaimed author of the book ‘Conversations with God’. His online course is a steady and stimulating journey into ”The Secret to Finding What You’ve Been Searching For Your Entire Life”In March 2003, Neale Donald Walsch created Humanity’s Team following a dream he had,[10] and in response to the crisis that he saw the human race facing following the events of September 11, 2001. Dubbed “a civil rights movement for the soul,” the movement has over 60,000 adherents from more than 90 countries on six continents.[11] Based in Boulder, Colorado, Humanity’s Team proposes a New Spirituality that, according to the website, “enlarges humanity’s current beliefs about God and about life in ways that could change how people live with each other, hoping to bring peace and harmony to the planet.” His work is highly respected and highly acclaimed for keeping contact with the soul.

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Aha Coaching Offer : Chose any of our personal skype based Therapy or coaching service packages for supportive and enlightening guidance on how to support and sustain your personal life journey. Also discover peace of mind in taking the road less travelled and implement your findings into your life. Visit :
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Symptom Relief for Children and Adults :
with Rhythmic entrainment Intervention is a 4 month home listening program which retrains the neuropsychological pathways and soothes the nervous system that are causing or influencing annoying symptoms. We find with long-term benefits and behavioural change. This program is based on the principle of ‘entrainment’ a fascinating non- invasive process of training and developing brain areas related to symptoms with long term benefits and results in behavioural change. A healthy alternative to drugs and chemical approaches, all with clinical psychological support in collaboration with
the Strong Institute, an institute responsible for extensive research supported by Autistic Association Of America.

Testimonials :
– “Our daughter has had very few temper tantrums. She is also developing the ability to stop herself and calm herself down, usually within about one minute of when the recording starts. She’s been getting along much better with her brothers and sisters. Her attention span has increased–she can sit quietly and read a book for longer periods of time. She’s paying attention more in school and staying on task.” Lisa D. Mother of an 8 year old with AD/HD
– “I’m sleeping, dreaming and waking up fresh. My depression has lifted completely. Although I’m 52, I’m feeling like I’m back at 27. Thank you for giving me my life back!” Marsha M. 52 year-old with sleep and mood issues
– “Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention is the best intervention we‘ve tried for our son. Thank you for making this therapy available!” Helen G. Mother of a 9 year-old with autism
– “Since beginning the REI Program, My husband is less forgetful, more organized, and more cheerful. He’s whistling for the first time in years, a sign that he’s happy. He’s taking the initiative to play his CDs everyday. I’m so grateful to have my old husband around again.” Barbara Z. Wife of 67 year-old with AD/HD and mood issues

We have repeated success in alleviating the symptoms of the following conditions :
Asperger’s Syndrome
Anxiety Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Learning Disabilities
Pervasive Developmental Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Traumatic Brain Injury

The unique composition and severity of your symptoms will be our guide in crafting your REI Custom Program. Symptom areas where we see improvements with the REI Custom Program include:
Anxiety – all anxiety related issues.
Attention/focus/hyperactivity – attention-related issues
ADD – classic symptoms of ADD.
Behavioral issues – Iaggression, compliance, tantrums, and others.
Cognitive issues – related to cognition such as memory, reasoning, and others.
Language/communication – language and communication including speech and writing.
Mood issues – general mood issues as well as symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder.
Self-stimulatory behaviors – rocking, flapping, toe-walking, vocal perseveration, and others.
Sensory Processing – sensory defensive and sensory seeking behavior.
Sleep – falling and staying asleep.
Social Interaction – social interaction and engagement.

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Aha Management Offer : Symptom Relief after a full case management for a 6 month period, including full assessment and monitoring to provide you or your child with a real opportunity to retrain your nervous system with the Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention home program. Clinical expertise and customised intervention means, you could be symptom free in 4 months.


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