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Tell your mama, you’re a traveller

Hi everyone,

I wanted to meet you to invite you into my inspiring world. To share retreats, workshops, festivals, island life, Cyprus, yoga, personal development, drumming and much more. I want to inspire you into your extra ordinary life.

My name is Heleniq Argyrou and I welcome and invite you to Cyprus, an island of incredible natural beauty, ancient 8000bc and a place where the women were the drummers and the goddess Aphrodite inspired everyone. This is an ideal place to rejuvenate, heal, connect with yourself and find peace and harmony… A place to deepen your soul forever!

I am a traveller, teacher, yogi. I am creative, strong and hard to please, huh!
Few places call my heart home like Cyprus. Maybe it will for you too someday.


Journey this summer to a Yoga festival

I am like you, I love life. I want to make my life great. So I travel, I play music, I inspire people, meditate and I do yoga. For me and most, summer is a perfect time to join festivals, explore new paths, discover new places and embrace the gifts of nature. Summer is relax time and also party time. 
I learned from many great teachers and taught naad yoga for over 10 years drumming for 20 years in 12 countries, next one is in Brussels 1st July 2017. So I know a little about a good ‘high vibe’ place to hang out. The Sound and Silence Gatherings look good in Corfu (Greece) in September and here are a few others too:

The Groove Yoga Festival: Island Jam (Hvar, Croatia)
Udaya Live (Borovets, Bulgaria)
Move Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Yoga Festival Kitzbühel (Kitzbühel, Austria)
The Swiss Yoga Conference (Zürich, Switzerland)
Barcelona Yoga Conference (Barcelona, Spain)
Bhakti Yoga Summer (Kisslegg, Germany)
YogaFest Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
3HO Europe (St. Pierre de Maillé, France)
Ananda festival (Ourondo, Portugal)

Heleniq Silverhouse

A bit about me

I am Clinical psychologist, Sound & Drum Therapist, Drummer, Organizational and Peak Performance Trainer.

I am an expert in inspiring and actualizing human potential, a clinical psychologist, sound and drum therapist, corporate and group organizational trainer and facilitator, meditator and naad yoga teacher. I have online programs and internationally I have travelled to so many amazing places and collaborated with the Association of Sound therapy, Spain, United Religions Initiative, San Francisco and The Strong Institute, New Mexico, The Ministry of Education, The N.G.O. Support Centre, Cyprus, Sri Ramanujah Trust, India. I offer annual retreats on the beautiful island of Cyprus, that combine profound ancient wisdom and neuropsychology. For more information visit here: Let me tell you a little about where I come from too.


Meet the travelling saints of Cyprus 

I was born in Africa, but my dad was born in this fascinating village where two ‘healing saints’ visited. Two medical doctors, actually brothers from a wealthy family. Kozmas and Daminaos deeply committed  to Christs teaching devoted their lives to healing the sick in his name. They offered their medical knowledge to people without taking the payment of silver, coins called ‘argyros’. In the Bible this word is used to refer to the silver coins once used to barter or trade. Also the ancient Greek word for silver ‘Ar’. Their decision to not take silver from their patients earned them the name the Saints that took no silver or in greek ‘Ayioi Anargyroi’.

The Ayioi Anargyroi were almost gypsy like, on serious pilgrimage they travelled from Italy, to Greek island Corfu to Cyprus. They sought water springs on route. In Ayiois Vavatsinias a small shrine was erected in their honour with candlelight burning since the day they left marks the exact spot of the natural spring they found here. Pay your respects as you arrive and realize the sacred blessing they gave to this place and now to you.


Create your own pilgrimage

Trace the path of these great higher beings… a path from Paphos – where the natural spring they discovered lies near a special forest – to the village of Ayious `Vavatsianias’… stay in Silverhouse Sanctuary. Journey on if you like following the saints footsteps. After they left Paphos- where Aphrodite was said to be born- they visited Lebanon, healing all who crossed their path. 
In honour of their memory, carved on the church door forever, the village was named ‘Agioi’ Vavatsianias and a shrine erected in their honour. Silverhouse Sanctuary now dedicates itself to healing the healers who seek to reignite their light, for who we often have incredible deals. Are you one of them?
Ideal for healing or retreating, here you can go o deep. Create a deep contact with your soul, flow in the subtle beauty of nature and heartwarming sunlight and restore your strength and meaning of life. 
More information about village, you may find here.

Silverhouse Sanctuary

As I mentioned I invite you and your colleagues to visit and stay in Silverhouse Sanctuary in The Agioi Vavatsianias Village. Recharge, rejuvenate, retreat and be empowered by healing environment. Cyprus is the island of love dedicated to goddess Aphrodite, and the sanctuary is filled with a loving vibe. It is for your special Cyprus Soul holiday: mountainous fruit tree terrains, spectacular views, funky decor, stone built, huge private vine courtyard for your boutique spiritual getaway. For more information about Sanctuary, please visit here

Thank you so much for your time. Loved sharing some of mine with you, now lets share more!
Heleniq A

We offer a very special price for groups of 8 or more people – only if you book in May 2017. This is a 40% discount for a stay of 6 nights during June-November (Cyprus is still Hot!).
To enquire on availability please email:

Here you may find photos of the Silverhouse Sanctuary.