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Maximizing the  highest potential possible from a workforce, is one of the most valuable resources any business corporation or organization can harness. Aha intelligence trains corporations and organizations  to increases productivity, commitment, integrity and discipline by revealing very specific techniques that activate, stimulate and actualize higher centers of the brain. Simultaneously, training seminars centralize the importance of uniqueness in each of us as the main asset and value we each bring to a group. It is the defining characteristic to fulfilling ones life mission and subsequently allows us to offer our greatest contribution in the service of humanity. This was the powerful contribution made by acclaimed psychologist Carl Gustav Jung who proposed that each life holds the potential to actualize, to become fully realized life a flower that blossoms into its fullest glory. Training individuals to realize their innate value, helps them truly understand that their highest action is what serves both their lives and the lives of others best. Ultimately this allows their behavior and attitude to become refined inside the team and personal responsibility to always guide their action.

 Aha Intelligence Training Areas :

Weekday or Weekend Training Retreats, Customized to suit your organization, Cyprus cuisine, 5 Star hotel or Stone built village agro tourist accommodation, Cultural visits, pristine beaches, Traditional song & dance, immaculate sunshine kissed holidays.

*Heartbased leadership*

*Highest potential peak performance*

*”Out the box thinking”, Innovation and Creativity*

*Burnout prevention and Stress management *

Teambuilding and developing interpersonal relationships*

Communication, Conflict resolution and deepening interpersonal relationships*


Corporate Teambuilding Workshop

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Like a drum orchestra organisation, each member has a significant part to play for the success of the whole organisation.

A revolutionary interactive facilitated drum circle experience that demonstrates clearly to you and your team how the whole is the sun of all its parts. This is an excellent worldwide training phenomenon used to provide a team building experience unlike any other. Step by step members are introduced to the drum, taught how to play beats and then rhythm sequences. Weaving it all together with expert facilitation, the group joins in a powerful creation of collective rhythm, then subdivides into smaller groups. The complexity develops as sub-groupings work together to create crossing rhythms and interacting melodies with colleagues. An excellent experience enhanced by and profoundly useful with, psychological insights drawn in conclusion about the true nature of business, the value of collaboration in advancing production and efficiency and power of positive participation, teamspirit! Can include more skills training : communication skills, interpersonal relationship building and more.


Corporate Diversity Management Workshop

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Deepened interpersonal relations amongst colleagues, employers and employees, a harmonious and inclusive organisational culture and a healthy relationship between oneness and individuality, finally !

Educated and trained in South Africa, having implemented projects in diverse communities including those as a grantee of United Nations Development Project funding and subsequent travel workshop delivery to over 10 countries, Heleniq has specific diversity management knowledge that greatly benefits your organisation. All interventions are customised, can include complimentary and creative techniques and tools, theory and interactive experiential learning.


Organizational Xcellence Training

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Leadership as the authentic, highly skillful and comprehensive management professional you are
Leadership as the original, pioneer, breakthrough pioneer you could become !

Learning how to arrive at the highest action in service of your highest self is true self actualization, a way of reaching manifestation and completion for you and your life. Learn how to harness the discipline, creativity and source the originality of your unique being to become a truly inspirational leader of excellence not only for your organization, but for you industry and for our times. It all lies in speaking through your ‘essence’.