The Ultimate Want of a Man and Woman, Men and Women Cannot Give

“What women want, men cant give. Their ultimate want, man cannot give and the ultimate want from the man woman cannot give, actually …but we try… The harmony between couples it is completely natural expression of consciousness…the more you are very personal in your existence, the more requirements and projections you will have. You will be looking for someone else to complete you, which simply cannot be done. There fore it is really advisable for each one to give attention to their own spiritual development… and then a relationship can be somehow supportive of that, and will be in itself supported by that. Then duality will help you to discover your non duality and discovering non duality will help you to enjoy duality. There is a sense of completeness in that

But to expect someone to fulfil your life for you is a miserable state, and its too much pressure also, because it is coming from a place of weakness. And no body enjoys being with someone who is desperate. And also you say what do women want. Whatever it will be will not satisfy. We are addicted to wanting, but it is a great thing to meet someone who doesn’t want. Then you want to be with them. But the one who wants; “everybody bye bye, i don’t want to be there”. Too much trouble.

Actually we are designed in different ways, psychologically. Because women are more they say emotionally based. and they say men are more physically based. Ive heard it said, that often women use sex to get affection, and men use affection to get sex. So the point is that they are not mutually fulfilling, in the ultimate sense. That we believe that men are made for women and women are made for men. But I say men are made for God or truth and women are made for god or truth. if we have a bit of this foundation inside us, your relationships will be healthy. It is possible for couples, to enjoy emotional harmony and to not be in conflict with the truth, but it tends to be a bit rare.