SpecialBonus Combo Ahanassa


SpecialBonus Combo Ahanassa


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Ahanassa SpecialBonus Combo Package:

Special Bonus Combo price E2395 (1 year of inspiration !)
Includes The full 9 day Ahanassa Retreat plus :
1. Special edition Aphrodite with drum statue
2. ‘The Great Goddess of Cyprus’ DVD by Tetraktys Films
3. ‘Entelechy’ DVD sacred Amathunta, astrology and philosophical debate of ancient greek architecture by Tetraktys Films
4. Extended Ahanassa divine feminine alchemy Support network, likeminded women
5. Ahanassa Online Course, Rhythm and Meditation videos for you to learn and grow at home
6. Consultation with DrumShaman and Expert Psychologist and Esoteric teacher on ways to mobilise your womens’ wisdom in your community
7. Skype classes frame drum tuition

Deposit by 1 December – E900 Balance by 20 January – E1495 (Negotiable payment options)