Heartchild Green – 8 month intervention


Heartchild Green – 8 month intervention

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R.E.I. Management

AHA Intelligence with R.E.I. Strong Institute Home Program and Psychotherapeutic clay and play therapy using drumming, sound and art

1. Assessment and evaluation – 3 x 60 minute sessions
2. Questionnaire inventory of symptoms – 1 x 120 minute session
3. Preparation home program training session – 60 minute session
4. Customisation of a four month audio intervention program – 12 downloads
5. Bimonthly symptom inventory feedbacks – 8 x 30 minute sessions
6. Monthly evaluations – 4 x 30 minute sessions added onto previous
7. Play therapy sessions weekly using drumming, organic sound instruments clay and art – 8 x 60 minute sessions
8. Full liason with the Strong Institute before during, after and extra enquiries
– 4- 8 hours (E130)
9. Specific research articles for your specific case and related symptoms
10. Advisory extension of the program with program cost included therefor
11. Thorough Follow up guidance and maintenance of results prospective
12. Follow up guidance on crisis interventions after the program
13. School Collateral and Therapist and teacher Integration process
14. Referral, listings and suggestions for dietary, therapeutic, tutorship option

E2280 or Upfront payment of E2050

Includes bimonthly 30minute online monitoring, support and feedback sessions. Liasion, unlimited communication and arrangements of the subsequent updates for result optimisation.


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