Generation X ~ on the subject of loyalty !

The audacity to live life and chose freely … In a facinating article on the subject the wuthor write “Wealth provides more options, from extending education, traveling the world, living with parents longer, or simply delaying gainful employment. John Adams, America’s second president wrote: I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and …

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The Mirror : Reflections and Projections

Looking at the world like a mirror that reflects a variety of perceptions to us is a valuable way to ‘read between the lines of life’ and understand a deeper more symbolic and or even mystical truth about our reality. This concept was introduced by psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jungs Work along with studies on esoteric symbolism and parapsychology. This level …

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Wild Women, Beauty in Every Age

I am a wild woman I know, inspite of myself and in spite of what I’ve been told that there’s beauty in every age no matter how old I am a wild woman I’ve learned what it means to be a life bearer to bear children to create art to plant seeds of love I am a wild woman from …

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An Educational Revolution

School Children are suicidal in this educational system …and so this teacher changes her curriculum. More in this fascinating article.

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Emotional Unavailability ?

Are you or your partner emotionally unavailable ? Highly recommended  exercises to heal painful past wounds for greater capacity intimacy. Psychotherapist of 30yrs, Pete Gurlack has studied wounding and devised a lesson plan to help turn it all around. More videos support the entire journey and the lessons begin here on this link : Should you need some help, support or …

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Ready for Love ?

Calling in the one ! Are you ready for love, see this wonderful video !  

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