Heleniq Argyrou (M.A.) is an expert in inspiring and actualizing human potential. She is a clinical psychologist, sound and drum therapist, corporate and group organizational trainer and facilitator. Beyond her unique style of self-development she provides revolutionary, non-invasive programs and has presented her work in 12 countries where her international repute is informed by numerous collaborations. Heleniq offers retreats on the beautiful island of Cyprus and intensive online programs that integrate ancient wisdom and neuroscience to actualise higher states. Based in neuroscience her techniques actualise highest brain potential and are universal pathways to create and master the new ‘flow state’ of peak performance.

Heleniq has been trained by world renowned percussionists. She studied with Layne Redmond, Rowan Storm and Master Zohar Fresco, on frame and tambourine. Originally she remained self taught for 5 years to deepen her own learning journey with the drum and then trained in circle facilitation at the Drum Café Cape Town with 2 South African drummers trained by Arthur Hull. Later she trained with 4 African drum masters, 2 from the Ghanaian National Ballet, another from Senegal and recently with Mamady Keita. These unique influences combine uniquely with study with Dr Benonzon, the world standard music therapist trainer and Dr Claudio Naranjo on the neurosis of Character and the enneagram personal develop process with creative modalities and gestalt work. Heleniq is a Vipassana meditator and advanced yogi with a spectrum of interventions from professional to grassroots, as a clinician, trainer and drum performer, and recently as DrumShaman.

Heleniq Argyrou M.A. (Clin. Psych.)
Clinical psychologist, Sound Therapist; Drum Therapist, Drummer, Organizational and Peak Performance Trainer.

Further Qualifications :
Classical Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Facilitative Leadership Trainer, N.G.O. Consultant and Mediator, Interfaith Facilitator, Hot Stone Massage Therapist, Vipassana Meditation facilitator, Spring Forrest Chi Gong, Arthur Hull, Dr Benonzon, Dr Naranjo methods.

Associates and Accolades :

The Strong Institute – Rhythmic Entrainment Interventions for Autism, anxiety and neurological disorders.

YinAlithea – Cyprus Womens’ Conference, OGEE/ Business Professional Womens Orgnisation Limassol, Family Planning Association.

Ministry of Education Cyprus – invited to facilitate djembe drum workshops for all preschool and primary schools in Cyprus along with Special Needs Institute island wide.

Grantee and award winner for United Nations Development Project (Cyprus) ‘One Heartbeat’ peace building project Cyprus.

Grantee and funding recipient for United Religions Initiative (San Francisco) and its Youth World Conference (India) and project funding for “Rhythm Earth and Us” youth development project at ‘Z’ zones schools.

Associations with United Religions Initiative (San Francisco) ; Sri Ramanujah Trust (India) ; Sarah Kline ; the Association of Sound therapy, Spain ; United Religions Initiative, San Francisco and The Strong Institute, New Mexico ; The Ministry of Education, The N.G.O. Support Centre, Cyprus