Women tips to destress

10 tips for women to destress *

One of the most important de-stressors for women is the sense of time, so
make a list of all that the things that you could do if you had all the time in the world
2.Make a special effort to produce extra time for your self care
3.Get your hair washed at least once a month if not once a week
4.Self massage with sesame oil in the morning
5..Hang out with the girls, one a night a month making dinner and sleeping over
6.Be around people that make you feel happy
7.Ask for hugs and explain why these are important to drop stress levels
8.Give yourself permission to say No to properly manage the feelings of being overwhelmed
9.Shopping does drop stress levels in women but its good to couple it with a long term vision on how to also make it
10.Learn how to ask men for the help you need : “Sweetie, in half an hour , will you help me…” instead of expecting him to smell your needs.

Based on the
new video of Dr John Gray :
How men and women can be so different and still create fireworks and Magic