Ten relationship talks – Must Haves

Researchers at the University of Denver found that couples who discuss their status from the beginning have better marriages than those who just go with the flow. In fact, they say that “these are conversations you should have throughout a relationship,” says study coauthor Galena Rhoades, Ph.D. So Glamour grilled experts and long-term happy couples and came up with the 10 Define-the-Relationship talks to have.

These talks confirm the fact that true relationship needs good deep and heartfelt communication. People need to relate to each others needs, values and ethics. An art form and definite skill communicating with your partner is essential and when its done along the following 10 topics you stand a much better chance of building a solid connection. And all without ever having to say : “We need to talk ! “

First reckoning properly with yourself and your present status is a really important step to figuring out how ready you are for a relationship. A few other important ones include living together, religion and having kids. This is because in the talking some of the difficulties that could arise are considered before they actually infiltrate the relationships. This prepares the mind in both people to deal with the situation as it unfolds and unsurprisingly shows up a few times in the research studies as a notable factor in healthy and stable long term marriages.

Other talks include the initial ones in the dating stages like, what to call each other. When you discuss this you declare openly the status you give each other in the relationship. More serious topics about the money each of you have and the styles tastes and preferences of each persons sexuality are also good to communicate about. Marriage and the bigger picture of your lives are big talks that also need to happen. Most significantly, spend some time on preventative sharing about your style of fighting or arguing. Agree on a neutral space to call a truce if and when the arguments cannot be resolved at that time, so you both have some idea about what to do when things get rocky.

Relationships take work, patience, discipline and responsible communication, so really it is very wise advice to check first if you are ready to be part of a couple. You should be happy with your own life before getting together with someone else. You can find the whole article here :

Talk with yourself first :s

Discuss the commitment you wish to make :

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