The Seed – plant the night before tomorow

This Harvard Business Review on facebook received 2382 likes, 66 comments and 1484 shares. It reminded me of the ted talk I once watched on ways of generating more of a capacity for happiness. It also aligns well with the ideas in psychology relating to the use of higher centres of the mind before and after sleep. In fact, these experts recommend giving yourself at least 30 minutes each night to wind down before attempting to sleep. Keepeing this time free of negativity is very important, also try setting an alarm on your smartphone letting you know when it’s time to begin, so that the process becomes automatic.

On days when we flourish, the seed has almost always been planted the night before.

“However you choose to use the time before bed, do your best to keep this time free of negative energy. Avoid raising delicate topics with your spouse, and don’t even set your morning alarm right before going to bed – it will just get your mind thinking about the stresses of the next day. (Instead, re-set your alarm for the following morning right when you wake up.) And finally, keep a notepad and a light-up pen nearby. If you think of something you need to do the next day, jot it down instead of reaching for your smartphone. Do the same for any important thought that pops into your head as you are trying to fall asleep. Once you’ve written it down, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to let go. “