For Men ~ 10 ways to destress

The average man has about 30% more testosterone than women. This means, a man must produce 30% more testosterone than women daily. When testosterone levels are operating correctly the risk for a heart attack is significantly reduced and in this way a man ensures his future health and well being by remembering to keep his manly mojo up. However, one complicating factor is that after bonding with a women, a mans testosterone drops. This is the main reason why, men may feel the need to pull away from the attachment, to restore and revitalise the dip in testosterone. Another psychobiological difference is that mens memory capacity is smaller than women. So for a man, its good and relatively more easy to let go of thoughts about whats been bothersome and this way they manage to keep their minds clear.

For Men
1.Generally, take space once a week from your wife or family :
-A 2hour sport activity, or
-Physical hand involving fix it chore or
-Hang out with other men should do the trick.

2. When you are stressed at work :
-Don’t work more ! rather than adding more drain factor try to
-Increase your space time to 3 hours or two separate checkout times

3. Learn to communicate your needs for space respectfully to women :
Just staying away can often create more stress for you when you return. Learn to build in space understanding by explaining how you feel when things get tense well before crisis hits, so when crisis hits, you can top it up with a clear bit of information about why you need time out and find your freedom.

4. Hang out with the guys at least twice a month if your other check out times are activity or handiwork based. Be sure to engage with other men. Far too many men isolate themselves and find all kinds of reasoning to remain unattached from healthy and supportive relationships. Problem is they also remain unsupported.

5. Men flourish when they feel needed :
-Remind yourself you are and count the ways.

6. You may need to spend about and hour, minimum 30minutes after a stressful day coming down, going into the nothing box or checking out. Find the best stress free zone to do this.

7. Drinking is a tricky de-stressor because although it alleviates tension while numbing you out. Try to keep drinking a social plus rather than a self medicating minus factor.

8. New situations, women or activities produce dopamine, an addictive chemical that distracts us from stress. Withstand using this approach regularly, for breaking the habit is like kicking cocaine.

So for women :
-Give your man some time to be alone after you have bonded.
-Find respectful ways to communicate what you need when shortly after this break. -Don’t be surprised if he is clear of residues after a fight or disagreement.
-Try not to collect resentment about any of the above.
-Find authentic and meaningful ways to feel into your appreciation of your man.
-Since your man, needs to feel needed, respected and appreciated, remind him of his value in your life regularly .

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Based on the new video of Dr John Gray :
How Men and Women can be so Different and Still Create Fireworks and Magic