Manifesting Attracting In These Radical Times ~ Dr Jean Houston

Dr Jean Houston is a renowned archaeologist who has worked with over 40 cultures in over 100 countries. Her meeting Helen Keller, extensive training by world respected Margaret Mead and former famous psychologist husband influenced her work to now teach people worldwide to find genius aspects of themselves and offer them to the world. Her work is extremely powerful and playful all at the same time and her online courses specifically recommended. See for how you can study at affordable prices online with this worlds great teacher.
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“These are the times we were created for “
“We have all lived in the good times and we are now in the great times “
“Deeper seeing, deeper sensing – being available to the spirt of becoming “
“…Humble before the mystery of a world in transition”
“You are haunted by a specter, the grand finale of the world as we have known it, yet know yourselves to be people of the parenthesis, living at the end of one era, but not quite at the beginning of the new one. You labored in various fields to make things better, tried to understand the change of which you are a part, and you are frustrated, baffled even, by what must seem the most implausible, improbable series of happenings ever. The maps no longer fit the territories in this era of quantum change with its radical deconstruction and reconstruction.” In her own unique, radically original, often hilarious manner, Dr. Jean Houston, will offer her own breathtaking take on what is actually going on, to fill you with a passion for the possible and an end to states of pessimism and grumpiness.
“The times of great change and remarkable opportunity are upon us. To succeed we can no longer go it alone, but must partner with one another ” Dr Jean Houston

Testimony on Jean Houstons’ Online Courses :

“I’ve embraced my highest calling and created a stable foundation to usher it in: new home, new purpose-driven and productive day job, healing relationships, wholesome rituals, positive thought forms, and spiritual practices.”
— Julie, Mill Valley, California

“Since attending the seminar, I started drawing! I have always wanted to learn but in the past would always discount that desire by saying, ‘I can’t draw’ or ‘My drawing is terrible’ or whatever other excuse to not actually just do it. I am now finding myself being a ‘doer’ instead of an excuse-maker. I don’t even think: ‘I wish I could draw that fountain.’ Instead I gather pencils, erasers and paper and go sit in front of the fountain and draw it.”
— Karen, Tucson, Arizona

“My deepest wish—to know who I am—has come true. I have had greater strength and vigor. I am breathing easier, have lost a few inches and several pounds, and I’ve re-discovered botany, which I studied as a freshman in college. I am feeling happier in my own skin!”
— Monica, Santa Monica, California

“I have a new appreciation for my body and have begun paying attention to what it requires to thrive. I have been making more conscious choices and decisions around my health and well-being, honoring and nurturing myself in even greater ways than I had before.”
— Bonnie, Lloydminster, Saskatchewan