Innovate !

“‘Why innovate?’ one might ask. The fundamental answer is that it is the route to increase our competitive advantage which would translate to an increased probability of making
profits and staying in business over the long turn. This sounds more like something that should concern the business world, right? No, it is something that should also concern the public sector as well. “

” …the ability to define and create quality products, services and processes and quickly bring them to the market with a financial gain. For the public sector, it could translate to overhauling and implementing new services, in a way that it reduces the financial burden imposed on the tax payer and leading to increased public satisfaction. “IMG_5304.JPG
“In these new and exciting times, the repercussion of a public sector that does not innovate is as equal or even more important to that of a business that does the same. A business can shut down; the public sector usually does not. As a result of that, the negative impact of such inaction from the public sector could potentially affect the whole of the society. How do you know when the public sector innovates? You know that when after paying for your direct and indirect taxes you still have ample of money to spend for your and your family’s needs. You know that when you feel confident the money you pay for taxes is well spent and increase your standard of leaving. You know that when dealing with the public sector brings a smile on your face. An example that comes to mind is the road tax payment through the internet. To how many people this service brought a smile on their face? How many more similar actions that improve the quality of our lives can be taken? Definitely, there are a lot. As long as there is commitment for a better future for all and by all, every pound and euro of generated tax can be made to count. Putting an innovation spin on the services offered by the public sector is just one of the ways that can bring delight and a smile to the client i.e. each citizen of this country.”

An article on innovation by Pharos Pitiris. See the full version by using the link below…