Hidden Powers

There are hidden power points of interaction inside the brain that can be explained as subtle chakras. These can be stimulated and activated with specific kinds of exercises, and of course when we have moments of brilliant insight. Aha Intelligence is investigating the way these areas both interact with each other and how they affect cognitive abilities. Yogis, psychologists are being consulted and neurological insights are being mapped to not only understand these mysterious areas of consciousness but also the ways they connect to the heart, which is said to radiate outwardly into the magnetic field around the body far more than the brain. The information on these areas is limited and little is known about them in traditional medicine. Therefore the following information is taken from Indian texts that explain these rarely noted points of energy.

Ajna: “command center” – in the area of the glands that regulate the entire endocrine system. The third eye chakra, in the pineal gland/hypothalamus area, the seat of the higher self (atman) – for higher wisdom and clairvoyant sight.

Manas: “sensory mind” – in the upper part of Ajna chakra, the center of your lower mental vehicle: instincts, impressions, and habits.

Indu: “Moon” – the front part of the brain, it is the seat of your intellect and higher mind.

Nirvana: “dissolution” – top of your brain, associated with the annihilation of your ego.

Guru: “light/darkness” or “teacher” – above your head in the lower part of Sahasrara chakra, it is the center in which divine light dispels the darkness of ignorance.

Sahasrara chakra: “thousandfold” – thousand-petaled lotus above your head, the center of divine union, integration, and illumination.

Bindu: “point” – upper Sahasrara chakra, a center of infinitely concentrated energy, the fountainhead from which your entire subtle energy system springs.

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