Genius insights – clever life !

Let’s look at who could you become in your life if you could just reach your fullest potential.

Aristotle once said, it is the entelechy of an acorn to become an oak tree and Dr. Jean Houston says it is the entelechy of you to become all you can become, and I say your “Dreamself’ can help show you the way to develop into the best version of yourself. Meeting your Dreamself – a projected part of your inner wisdom – can draw you closer to becoming who you promised yourself you would be, learning the ways to serve your highest self and take your highest action.

A famous South African entrepreneur trainer, Roger Hamilton, advises us on how to maximise our specific kind of inner wisdom. He calls it your inner genius and specifies 4 types of intelligence, one of which comes naturally to us. In respecting your inner natural intelligence, he states, you can go much further in life. Tapping this wisdom can be advanced by activating 7 insights :

1. Light your liberty – liberate yourself and shine in your freedom to be you.
2. Lift your own lamp – learn to raise yourself to new standards.
3. Love your intelligence – respect your unique gifts and talents.
4. Flow where you naturally go – trust that your natural way will lead you where you need.
5. Follow your own path – you have a specific life journey, follow it, no comparison
6. Avoid monkey mind negativity – dispel lazy, negative and reactive thought habits
7. Connect your now with your dream – link the dots from where you are now to where you wish to arrive in your life, years from now.

For a profound process of learning about your specific type of genius and laser coaching on how to actualise your fullest potential, give us a call. Your unique path signposted with your original aha! moments of insights await you…