Your magnetic field !

There is a easy and effective way to activate and harmonise the field of energy around your body. This field is actually a magnetic field that resonates and acts like a radar. When it is cleaned, it can then be charged up, with positive thought and intent and even programmed or ‘tuned’ to sustain health and wellbeing. Some even manage to build a higher level of functioning by purposefully and systematically working this field daily.

Ways to do this exist in specific arrangements of the fingers and hand. Each finger translates it’s associated elemental energy and related organ of the body. These are linked through meridians wiring up the lines of communication through the parasympathetic nervous system. The communication lines finish in the corresponding fingers nerve endings.

In the Healing Practice of Mudras it is possible to use the fingers in certain arrangements to Regulate the Five Elements of the Body. The Universe is composed of five elements, earth, air, water, fire, and ether. Similarly our body is also a union of five elements which is represented by our five fingers. The fingers hold the related elemental charge and when we are healthy this elements are in balance. Hand mudras regulate these five elements in our body and also connects the planets :

Index (Jupiter finger) for Air;
Middle (Saturn finger) for Ether or Space;
Ring (Sun finger) for Earth;
Pinky (Mercury finger) for Water.

The meridians wiring up the lines of communication through the parasympathetic nervous system are also then related to organs in the body. Organs, each with a unique function, reflect, along with the mental influence, our emotional system. Below visit the fingers and the emotional output each produces when the body is out of balance or injured :

Thumb Th Lu 11 :
Lung -Grief, regret, depressed

Index finger IF LI 1 :
Large Intestine -Holding on to past hurts, stubbornness, indifference

Middle finger MF P 9 :
Pericardium -Sad, jealous, gloomy

Pinky finger PF H9 :
Heart -Forgiveness, excessive joy, hysteria, shock