Eat your shadows

Below you see a symbol which in mystical texts, was named the uroboros. This snake eating it’s tail is a symbol found in many cultural artifacts. Ancient artifacts reveal this symbol as a mysterious key to understanding some of the paradoxes of life . In mystical texts it is used often to refer to deep truths about death and the ‘endings’ in our life journey.

Called the ‘uroboros’, the symbol teaches us about the beginning and end of all things. As ironic as it may appear, it speaks of the end in all beginnings and new life in death. Pointing then to completion, it is as if the symbol says that the alpha lies within the omega and vice versa.

Another meaning of the sacred symbol is the power of cleansing. Deeper teachings about purification of mental emotional and psychological residues are also revealed as we see a snake eating it’s tail.

To be strong and able to grow successfully we must find ways to meet and even eat our underside. Some have explained this as an integration with the shadow in the psychological sense.

The ability to include our forgotten instinctual nature and defamed ‘shadow’ nature in our self image is very important to be healthy. Perhaps then the symbol alludes to this kind of eating as a profound cleansing or purification ritual. A ritual that seals off our energy from leakage in life, continuously rejuvenating us for all life’s beginnings and endings.

Photo courtesy of Roy Zetisky at Africa Burns