Calm kids anger

Five key skills to managing anybody and their upset also works brilliantly with children. First understand they when a child is upset – much like adults- they lose touch with the earth.
Literally this means they are not rooted, grounded and simply aware of the baseline reality. So offering this in clever reflective communication can provide do much of what gets lost in the upset . Fear is often underneath it all when we feel angry, anxious, lost or afraid. Best though is to jot mention the fear but look for the concern underpinning it. Here then the five key skills

1. Reflect the emotion you see they feel.
2. Name the concerns underpinning what might be fear
3. Show or speak of your understanding and compassion towards what you see they are feeling
4. Be silent or pause a while calmly
5. Think of and provide some options that can resolve the concern

Vwaiola !