Are you a real women ?

There are 3 kinds of women :

1. Needs a man to do things for her
2. Needs no one to do things for her
3. Enjoys a man to do things for her

Ever wander why you may be waiting patiently – or not so patiently – for him to call you back? Ever decide that you are not going to be this ‘weak woman’ waiting for him to call you back. You know how to do it yourself right, you don’t need a man to do things for you. You are perfectly – or not so perfectly – capable of doing it yourself. You are strong and independent !

This is the white western supremacy self sucking notion that feminism sold to the modern woman. Problems, many problems surface when we start to go out of balance with our own internal energies, our natural design. Problems with buzzing careers that juxtapose broken personal lives and painful – sometimes endlessly painful – confusion about men, relationships, our real value and our roles in a crashing society.

This natural design gave us both (and complex) alpha and beta type thoughts, feelings, behaviors and hormones to follow. These need to be developed and more importantly to be harmonized according to our environment. So being all strong, powerful as a woman is fantastic. Making it all about that is not, it’s unnecessary really to have to spend so much energy on asserting your power and strength. Quite frankly our pending Armageddon like, cliff hanging social status these days, just simply cannot afford time to be spent on obvious details .

The truth is woman are leading the revolution, the least of which requires deep and dire gender reconciliation, with our own selves. To succeed we need to reach rather higher levels of truth, integrity and strength than ever before. We need to be lovingly receptive and grateful for what is available to us to recurve the straying lines. Punishing ourselves with demands of strength and success at the cost of affection and assistance will cost too much for an already spent feminine spirit . For as always, true strength lies in finding victory in vulnerability. Aah! victory in vulnerability, now there’s an area women work to master. Blindly some remain hidden behind the rock solid facade of Barbie, big boobs and baby making, and even boardroom babe feminine ideals .

Progressing out of all these falsely feminist thought products will help make us real women. Only real women will help heal world wounds, overturn the broken systems and fiercely face the challenge of our apocalyptic era. To do that , they can only find favor with the gods if they are assisted by men. There is fire calling women on the edge of evolution to burn away the women for pleasure myths forever. She must reach the third stage of strength where she can not only receive support from men but can enjoy it. In fact she now needs to activate it, welcome it, and use this as an act of service to take the whole planet with her even higher.