10 Ways to be Romantic

Romance is about making a conscious effort to express the love and passion you feel for someone, sometimes spontaneous, and sometimes not. Marie Claire magazine studied romantic gestures and says the favourite romantic moves can be summed up into a candlelit dinner and a hand written love note. For more ideas here are a few to follow :

1. Ask her to put on the shirt you’re wearing.

2. Take turns feeding each other with your eyes closed.

3. Slow dance together to a song while never taking your eyes off one another.

4. Praise her in front of someone else. Let her hear you tell someone else how lucky you are to have this woman in your life. She may act embarrassed at the time, but she’ll love you for it.”

5. When a girl gets dressed up it is usually for her guy so tell her she looks great.

6. Let them know that they are the most important thing that has ever happened to you.

7. Phone each other and keep the communication sweet and respectful.

8. Look into her eyes inches away from her.Stay that way until she makes the move to kiss you. Allow her too, but pull away so that her kiss to your lips last only a quick second.

9. Create in your partner a sense that they are loved, the way they are, and work to develop this attitude sincerely. Men if your really love your woman don’t look at other women and if you struggle with pornography throw it away and get help.

10. give nicknames to body parts, think of them together to heighten the intimacy between you.

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